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Get to know the mink

The European mink (Mustela lutreola) is a semi-aquatic mustalid that is somewhat small in size: smaller than a marten and larger than a weasel.

Apart from its size, the European mink is best identified by its uniform chocolate brown colour all over its body except for two mall white marks, one on its upper lip and the other on its lower lip

The males are larger than the females, measuring from 50 - 55 cm in length and weighing some 800 grams, compared to the 38 - 46 cm and 400 grams for females.

The mink is an excellent swimmer, due to its webbed feet which allow it to move easily in the water. However, the mink performs best on land given the fact that its long skeleton, small ears and short tail allow it to move amongst the dense riverbank vegetation without hardly being noticed.


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