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A.1. Drawing up of the construction projects

The drawing up of a construction project is the necessary step between determining the need for a restoration scheme and then implementing the scheme through specific actions. The details required for the success of the restoration plan must be reflected in the construction project: earth movement; plantation sites; the number of plants to be planted; type of species, etc.

A construction project shall be drawn up for each scheme contemplated, and shall include a technical report (explaining the goals and the actions to be conducted in order to achieve these goals, an environmental analysis, the baseline situation with measurable indicators and the total budget for the scheme), the necessary drawings for the correct execution of the work, a health and safety study, an itemisation of the budgets, a monitoring program and the technical specifications required to award the works contracts.

Some projects will require a topographical survey and water modelling to provide information on the land floodability. This will make it possible to take decisions as to the most appropriate solution for restoring the area and will ensure that the actions are environmentally sustainable.

Construction projects are also required for sub-contracting work and to enable the competent authorities (Government of Navarre, Ebro Water Board, and the town and city Councils) to authorise the work execution.

There are plans to draw up all the projects required to carry out the schemes included in actions C1, C2, C3 and C4.


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